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    Soul searching your Manifesto

  • Your manifesto is a declaration of your core values, beliefs, and what you stand for. It’s a way for you to re-align with your soul’s purpose.  Consider it your written vision board.  


  • The Workshop


    01. Value of your Manifesto

    We’ll clarify the value of creating your manifesto, why it’s important, how it inspires and what it means to you.


    02. Self Discovery

    We’ll explore the 10 pillars of success so that you can get your brand, movement and ideas to the world.



    03. Manifesto Goals

    Distill your message into lazer sharp declarations that represent you, your work, your voice, and your audience.


     Designing your manifesto

    Time to put together your final manifesto and use it as an inspiration to live and work the life you were meant to love.

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