How Mindfulness Can Help You Through Any Journey

outdoor-bathtub-overflow_smallerWould it surprise you if I told you that practicing Mindfulness (that is, paying attention, with no judgment, to whatever you are sensing, feeling and experiencing at a particular moment) is probably the best thing you can do to help you succeed in your business?

Studies have shown that practicing mindfulness for just a few minutes per day can do wonders for your mental health, stress levels, decision-making skills and creativity, all areas in which entrepreneurs could use the most help they can get.

Don’t worry: to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness practice you don’t need to mimic a monk and sit with crossed legs, singing mantras to yourself. Mindfulness practice works even if you don’t do a formal meditation session: paying attention to whatever tasks you are doing throughout the day is equally effective.

For example, you could try to be mindful when you are doing the dishes, when writing in your journal, when taking a shower, exercising, even while driving your car. You simply need to be aware of all the things that you are experiencing: if you’re doing the dishes, for example, you could notice the coldness or warmth of the water and how it feels in your hands. Notice how your skin reacts when you use a brush to caress it while you’re having a shower. Pay attention to the tension in your fingers and wrist while you’re jotting down your thoughts on your notebook.

You might be wondering how exactly can a Mindfulness practice help you in your everyday life? Here are some of the ways it can help you:

#1 – Mindfulness practice helps you take control of your thoughts

As you train your mind to pay attention to the sensations that you feel throughout your daily activities, you’re also training your mind to become more aware of the present moment, and you’ll notice how much aware of your thoughts you’ll become. You’ll start to notice your mind going into all kinds of directions throughout the day, and you’ll see different kinds of worries and fears coming up. However, as you start practicing mindfulness on a daily basis, your mind will become more used to simply noticing those intrusive thoughts, and it will be much more efficient at letting go of them and not allowing them to stick around for long. That’s one of the most important benefits of mindfulness: it helps you take control of your thoughts, and you probably already know how powerful (for better and for worse!) our thoughts can be, and how much they can help or hurt our entrepreneurial journey.

#2 – Mindfulness practice helps you become more creative

When you train your mind to let go of fears, worries, and distractions, and to focus on the present moment, you also open up the door to creativity: our brain needs space, rest and unfocused attention to be able to see and connect things in a new way, as well as finding creative solutions to our problems. If we don’t allow our brain to relax, our mind doesn’t have enough room to get insights and generate new ideas to solve our problems and business challenges.

#3 – Mindfulness practice helps reduce stress, anxiety and even depression

Mindfulness will also help you improve your overall mental health, namely your stress and anxiety levels, which are typically very present in every entrepreneur. The entrepreneurial journey is filled with ups and downs (excitement with a new idea, struggling to learn new skills, finding clients, managing our personal lives while building a business…) and your physical and mental resilience to all the upcoming events will be tested, time and time again. If you make mindfulness a part of your daily life, you’ll be much better equipped to deal with them.

#4 – Mindfulness practice improves your self-awareness, clarity, focus and decision-making skills

When your mind gets used to recognizing what is going on at a particular moment, without reacting to it, a whole World of possibilities opens up to you. You’ll be able to recognize your inner feelings, your values, your thoughts and your worries much more clearly when you’re facing tough business situations. You’ll discover that you can quite easily detach yourself from the events, making decisions and taking actions that aren’t as impulsive and as reactive as before.

#5 – Mindfulness practice during athletic training can improve your movements

It’s a known fact that athletes use mindful practices to break through barriers. When you envision yourself making that play, lifting that weight, your mind is in full action. I

Practicing mindfulness on a daily basis is one of the most effective, accessible and fastest ways we have to improve our life and our entrepreneurial skills. Commit yourself to bring mindfulness awareness to the tasks that you do on a daily basis, and you’ll have much better chances at succeeding in your entrepreneurial journey!



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