Your calling

Soulp Acad Social_post_4_Blog_PostThere are no accidents, there are things you just love and would do regardless of money. Do you find yourself in the same situations happening over and over? Pay attention to that. If you notice that you spend most Sundays writing down random thoughts on paper, you may well be an author in disguise! If you can’t imagine leaving your house without your camera, maybe pursuing a photography career would make you happy…

Notice the things that you love doing (things that you do to relax, your hobbies, etc…) and try to think of ways to turn them into businesses. Many successful businesses start this way and yours might too!

Running a business is definitely hard work but if you are lucky enough to find your calling, you’ll discover that most of the time “work” is not that hard at all and that you’ll actually be excited for Mondays! And that is one of the best feelings in the World!



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