Powerful Intuition

Soulp Acad Social _post_8_bLOG_POSTIntuition is that little voice, the gut feeling you get that tells you whether or not to do something. Listen to it, it’s there for a reason. Your intuition is developed over the course of your life, as your mind spends years analyzing situations and patterns in your life, without your knowledge. In every situation that you encounter, your intuition knows how best to respond to it, however, if you are not in tune with your intuition, you can’t access it and you miss your chance of making the best decisions regarding your life.

If you find it hard to connect with your intuition, there are some science-based strategies that might help you, such as practicing meditation, reflecting about a problem right before going to sleep and setting an intention to have an insightful dream.

Learn to listen and trust your most powerful mentor!


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